200,000 bras linked together for one cause - the fight against breast cancer.

Help us set a world record and find a cure!

What is all this about?

Athena’s Home Novelties is hosting its largest fundraiser to date. In our fight against Breast Cancer, we are asking for a mere $5.00 donation along with a bra or bras to be hooked together in October 2017. In helping to fight the cause, we will break the bra-chain world record of 169,000 bras!

Athena’s Cup president and founder is Jennifer Jolicoeur.  Jennifer and the staff that supports Athena’s Cup is strictly volunteer and no one receives a salary for the work they do.  Athena's Cup is dedicated to spreading the word that breast exams, mammograms, research and healthy life-styles are critical parts of reducing risk and finding a cure.

Athena's Cup is a registered 501 (c) (3) charitable organization